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     The person behind the brand Nina Nichole is a passionate, licensed cosmetologist and  master educator. She attended Star Career Academy, graduating a the top of her class in 2014 for cosmetology. Nina started her career working at several different shops, but never finding that "Salon Home". Feeling defeated she went back to working as a CNA, but she still never felt satisfied.
Unwilling to let her passion burn by waist side, she went back into the cosmetology field and worked at the Weave Bar as a full time stylist. While there she realized her passion to educate. Still trying to find her way, Nina Nichole was working full time as both stylist and CNA. The familiar feeling of being unsatisfied came back so she decided to go back to school to become a educator. As she pursued her passion for education, she stopped working as a CNA realizing that was not her purpose. Graduating from Empire Beauty School in 2018 at the top of her class, Nina Nichole realized she found her purpose and everything was starting to fall into place. 
Empire Beauty School saw her potential while she was attending as a student so at the end of her program they went on to hiring her as a substitute teacher. All the pieces to the puzzle are now starting to come together . NINANICHOLE can’t be happier she has Entered a partnership with a local boutique and now has her own space located in Baby Gurl Boutique So now with all of the moves NinaNichole has made she is ready to introduce the would to the Nina Nichole Effect .......